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Fleet Management FAQs

In today's busy world, fleet managers have a hugely important role to play in everything from delivering our food, to ensuring our parcels reach our doors on time. To support fleet managers in their journey to meet customer needs, we've created this easy to digest fleet management FAQ covering topics including fleet tracking, telematics, driver behaviour and road safety. We'll continue to update this page to answer the questions being asked by fleet professionals. 

Frequently Asked Fleet Management Questions

How does Telematics work? 

What is telematics and how is telematics data captured? In this FAQ discover how telematics can be a benefit to your business, how it is kept safe and secure and what it can do to improve the safety of your drivers and staff? 

How to chose a Fleet Tracking System? 

What are the main considerations when implementing fleet tracking? In this FAQ, read our expert advice on identifying and choosing the right tracking system for your business and what features will help you reach your goals. 

How is Telematics data kept secure? 

What are telematics providers doing to keep your data safe? This FAQ looks at what telematics companies should be doing to protect personal data gathered via GPS tracking and other telematics technology.

How can I use Telematics to motive my drivers? 

What telematics data should be used to motivate drivers? In this FAQ, read about how Telematics data can be used to support driver incentive and retention schemes.

How does Telematics help improve drivers working environment?

What can telematics do to simplify drivers working lives? This FAQ explores the areas that we have seen our customers utilise telematics to reduce driver stress, implement development plans and enhance driver safety.