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About Transport Exchange Group

Transport Exchange Group is the leading provider of managed freight exchange services for the road transport industry, operating two of the UK’s largest freight exchanges, Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange. The integration with Teletrac Navman enables exchange members to connect jobs with vehicle location and despatch work to drivers through a single application.

  • Match vehicle location with jobs posted on either exchange
  • Get more work and charge higher rates.
  • Speed up workflow and reduce communication costs


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Fully Utilise Freight Capacity

Instantly match jobs posted on either the Courier Exchange or Haulage Exchange with vehicle location and availability. Receive email and sms alerts when a posted load is available, so you never miss an opportunity to maximise output.

  • Members with integrated telematics get 40% more work
  • Differentiate your service and charge up to 25% above average rates
  • Eliminate dead mileage by advertising empty legs

Seamless workflow

Assetminder - Fleet Maintenance


Optimise how work flows through your business by controlling load management through a single application. Increase job despatch accuracy with full integration with the Teletrac Drive app, and automatically share status updates with your exchange partners.

  • Don’t miss backload opportunities
  • Expand your network by delivering an exceptional service
  • Integrated job dispatch and messaging via the Drive app

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Established in 2000, Transport Exchange Group operates two of the UK’s largest and fastest-growing independent freight exchanges: Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange. With over 15,000 active users and 32,000 vehicles trading 700,000 movements each month.

The integration with Teletrac Navman enables instant mapping of vehicle location and availability with posted loads enabling users to quickly and easily fill spare capacity.

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